NZ Covid Vaccination Stats – Change over 12 Months – 18/10/22 – 06/10/23

In the last year, 846,848 doses of Covid vaccine have been delivered in New Zealand.

Under 1,800 people have chosen to take their first vaccination, and based on the population estimate for December 2022, that is 0.157% of the Unvaccinated population.

There was a bit of a jump in the percentage of the 1-dose cohort who chose to be Fully Vaccinated with a second dose, 5.5% of those with 1 dose (2.631 people) got a second.

Only 3.175% of the 2022 Fully Vaccinated group chose to take a Booster. 39,650/1,248,722 people chose to become Boosted.

It is when we get to the Boosted choosing Booster #2 (the 4th dose) that it really takes a jump.

371,339, or 17.5% of those who were already Boosted on 3 doses chose to take a 4th.

Even more (431,020) chose to take a 5th when they’d already had a 4th. No percentage bar for that as 5th doses did not exist in 2022.

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