Who’s Getting The Jab in NZ? – NZ Vaccination Stats – Cohort Changes – week ending 6 October 2023

Somebody asked on X “who is still getting the jab?”.

I figured that might make an interesting exercise, so I took a look.

Very basic maths: Take the number of “Vaccinations Last Week” from the MoH stats, and divide that by the number of people in the “previous cohort”. ie: Number of 2nd Doses Given / Number of people in the 1 dose cohort = Percentage into Second Dose column on graph.

The smallest change was in 0-dose cohort moving from Unvaccinated to Partially Vaccinated. Only 0.0026% of the estimated Unvaccinated population took their first dose last week. Slightly more went from 1 dose to 2 dose. A similar percentage chose to move to Boosted.

It’s once they are boosted that the next dose appears to be more enticing. 0.0575% of the 3-dose cohort decided to take a 4th, and a massive 0.5188% of those on 4 doses decided to take a 5th.

I will be providing this update going forward, and will find the time to do a dive into snapshots over the past.

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