About Spider Cat

Greetings, internet traveller.

I am @SpiderCatNZ on Twitter, aka Spider Cat.

I was posting Covid updates via graphs on Twitter, but was limited by the short-form of the platform, so moved them to Substack, posting the links to the longer articles on Twitter.

Twitter banned Substack links. (then might have reinstated them, I don’t know and don’t overly care.)

So, I registered a domain to make a blog where I could post the updates.

These stats come direct from the New Zealand Ministry of Health. 

Along the way, I also began posting my opinion on current events, along with satirical takes and images from MidJourney.

Most of the other content here is the personal opinion of an online persona.  No offense is intended.  Only satire and parody and calling out hypocrisy.

So, here we are!

Please check out the Stores, an NZ one for local delivery, and a UK one that prints the ones the NZ one won’t.


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