Violent Crime in New Zealand – Offender Relationship to Victim – Family Member – by Relationship and Victim Ethnicity – to end of July 2023

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An update to the earlier article that gave these stats to March 2023, this one is to July 2023.

Part five in my ongoing series of dives into stats, looking for evidence that the statement “cis white males are responsible for the violence in the world” explores the relationship between Offender and Victim, where the victim is a Family Member of the Offender, for Offences in the year to July 2023. These are Offences recorded, not necessarily Court Proceedings.

The Police Stats Database is the source of the Offender data, and StatsNZ/Census 2018 is the source of the Population size data.

The “per-100k” graphs show us how many offences are committed for every 100,000 people in each ethnic group, it corrects for population size.

While we cannot always make the assumption that the ethnicity of a victim is going to be the same as the Offender, in the case of Family Members, we can let the assumption stretch.

TL:DR – I tried my best, but, looking at the data, I still can’t conclusively confirm that “cis white males are responsible for the violence in the world” is an accurate statement. Can you?

Overall Violent Crime by Family/Whanau Member

Violent Crime by Boy/Girlfriend

Violent Crime by Child to Parent

Violent Crime by “Family Member Not Fully Described”

Violent Crime by Other Relative

Violent Crime by Parent to Child

Violent Crime by Partner

Violent Crime by Sibling

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