NZ Covid Stats

Comparing NZ’s “With Covid” Deaths – “Eligible Population” vs StatsNZ Population Estimate

Because the “Eligible Population” is missing a good few hundred thousand people, I did a comparison between it and the StatsNZ Population estimate.
Overall NZ Covid Deaths since 2020, by age group and vax status – HSU and StatsNZ data.

NZ Covid Stats

NZ Covid Stats Weekly Update: Case/Hospitalisation/Deaths by Vaccination Status – 23 – 29/05/2023

All stats are from Vaccine Cohort data is as per update on 12 May 2023:


An Email I sent David Seymour a Week Ago asking about his Vax Status and Negative Mortality Claims

Maybe it’s because I’m not an Epsom voter, maybe it’s because I used the Spider Cat email, but nothing in response to the following email asking him to look at the actual data and re-formulate a response.

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