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From NZ Political discussion to Mocking those politicians via MidJourney, with a stop at NZ Covid Stats by Vaccination status along the way.

All-time Covid Cases

All-time Covid Hospital Cases

All-time Deaths With Covid

Boosted Cases
0 M
Boosted in Hospital​
Boosted Deaths​
Vaccinated Cases
0 K
Vaccinated in Hospital​
Vaccinated Deaths​
Unvaccinated Cases​
0 K
Unvaccinated in Hospital
Unvaccinated Deaths​

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The Trannifesto

Shaneel Lal's early writings on Twitter, before he deleted them. Warning: abusive, homophobic racism from Lal inside.

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Some pretty, some hilarious, some disturbing - but all AI Generated Images from MidJourney and Spidey.

NZ Covid Stats

Weekly updates on NZ's Covid-19 situation by Vaccination Status: Cases/Hospital/ICU/Deaths, in raw and per-capita form.


Commentary on things happening in New Zealand Politics. Usually just collections of Leftards screaming on X.

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Spider Cat helped me to find the tiny spark of rebellion inside myself that I needed to see through the debacle.

Without him, I would be wearing masks, and getting vaccinated, and getting Covid.

Thank you, Spidey!

Phillip Fakeman

CEO – Made Up Enterprises