My Thoughts on the Liz Gunn MOAR Video

Recently, Liz Gunn released a video as a followup to one she had made before the Election.

In the 8+ minutes of her talking, she says that “a whistleblower” has approached her with shocking information. The whistleblower had not allowed this information to come out until after the Election, and Liz personally felt that would be the wrong time to bring it up.

So she’s bringing it up now!

There are essentially two claims made:

1) There have been tens of thousands of deaths linked to the vaccine

We HAVE had “tens of thousands” of extra dead people, and under 5,000 Covid deaths.

New Zealand’s Excess Mortality has been positive (meaning that “more people died over x period than died on average over x period for the average of the 5 years prior to 2020”) since November 2020. I use the OECD Mortality database for these:

-158.8 in 2020, +2,169 in 2021, +5,697 in 2022 and 2,804 to week 30 of 2023.

That’s 10,511 people dead above average. That’s technically “tens of thousands”. Were all of them vaccinated? Perhaps they all were.

2) At one clinic, 30 people who were vaccinated on the same day at the same clinic at the same time went on to die “in close temporal proximity” to each other

NZ’s average daily death rate is around 100. For 30 people (dosed at the same clinic, so maybe all local to the area, maybe known to each other) to die “in close temporal proximity to each other” would spike it by a bit, which would raise eyebrows.

In neither claim was any evidence presented. Is it still coming?

Two Official Information Act responses from 2022 are provided. Neither relate to the claims.

Both could be true. We really need to see evidence first.

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