100+ “Vaccinated” Infants in NZ. How many have since died? HNZ can’t tell you.

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Back in March, concerned at the dosing of infants with Comirnaty, I decided to ask the Ministry of Health a number of questions, including one related to the title of this article, via an Official Information Act Request.

5. Any data relating to number of deaths of infants who have received the Covid vaccine in 2023

My question to Ministry of Health

The MOH kicked it to Health NZ (Te Whatu Ora?) who proceeded to sit on it for a month, then told me that they needed another month to decide what the response to my OIA would be.

The deadline was today, and at 1540, I received the response. I will go into the other things in another article, but the answer to Question 5 was my most pressing matter.

Imagine my disappointment when it was essentially “we can’t tell you because it’s too hard to match up 100 infants with which ones are dead.”

So, they can’t tell us. We have to guess.

The dose interval for the infant dose of Comirnaty is 3 weeks between dose 1 and 2, and at least 8 weeks between dose 2 and dose 3.

As of Friday 12 May, 2023, there had been 100 infants who had received one or more doses.

61 of those 100 infants had survived to receive their scheduled second dose.

And 8 of those 61 infants had made it through alive to get the third and final dose.

Given that there were 49 infants with 1 dose on 7 March, the 8 that have survived to get a third dose 11 weeks later seems a little light.

The first reported 3rd dose was on 28 April, the day that MoH changed updating the Vaccination Data from Wednesday to Friday.

This infant would have had to have received their first dose 11 weeks prior, around 10 February. The first 8 babies to receive a dose were in the week of 14 February. Wonder what happened to the other 7.

Vaccination Status – 28 April 2023 – first 3 dosed baby
Vaccination Status 14 February 2023 – First 8 babies dosed

To be continued…

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