My Thoughts on the Transphobia malarkey

A Tweet I made earlier today

That pretty much sums it up, but I probably should have used the extra characters.

I know people who have “transitioned” gender. They are absolutely brilliant people.

I don’t fear or hate or despise them or their decision.

It’s like with Jacinda Ardern and criticism being levelled at her being labeled as Misogny, or Nanaia Mahuta and Misogyny/Racism/Problems with First Cousins Marrying/Doesn’t like Jabba from Star Wars. It was none of those things, it was their actions that we hate/d.

What I do despise is the over-hyped “LOOK AT ME! IM NOT CIS! CIS IS BAD! CIS TERFS WANT TO GENOCIDE US!” line espoused by those who consider themselves TRAs.

I also despise the violence that occurred in Albert Park on 25 March 2023. A group of women had gathered to speak. Another group, the TRAs, decided that this was “genocidal transphobia” and rallied a large crowd of people to prevent these women from exercising their right to speak.

Had they gathered elsewhere, and spoken to those who chose to hear them speak, things might have been different. We might not have had a violent riot, multiple assaults, an elderly woman being bashed, and a poor “prevention violence minister” being ploughed to the street by a cis white male on a motorbike.

Artist’s impression moments before the convoy of cis white male motorcyclists hit

But they didn’t gather elsewhere. They turned up en-masse, to prevent women from exercising their rights.

Trans Rights cannot come at the expense of Women’s Rights. That’s not how life works.

Males should not compete against females, nor should they be able to self-identify as women to choose their bathrooms, changing rooms, or which prison they go to. These are not Human Rights.

If you want to remove your genitals and live as a woman, you go for it. All power to you.

But if you just want to pretend, in order to get some sort of acknowledgement or worse, don’t expect me to play along with your little game.

And as for these two? Yeah. GFY.

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