Confirmation Received for OIA revealing the doubling of deaths in 0-4 year olds

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I had noticed a discrepancy of 20 in one of the lines of deaths, and the increase of 1.7-2.1x the number of deaths in 0-4 year olds.

Given that Official Information Requests should be accurate, a confirmation request went back to HNZ and asked them to confirm the data.

To their credit, they replied fairly quickly. Yes, the data was wrong.

The 20 deaths in the 20-24 age group was wrong. All the rest is accurate. And they still can’t tell us if any vaccinated infants have died. At all. Out of 103. Because that’s too much effort.

So, I ask again. Why are there 2x as many 0-4 year olds dying?

The OIA:

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