Why I always say “Projections are lies”

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Since the Excess Mortality after Vaccination became obvious, the “authorities” have used various “experts” to show that “Well, actually, when you take age and other things into account, 11,788 extra dead people compared to 2014-2019 actually means fewer people died.”

This is happening around the world, as countries mysteriously find that “not all that many extra people died at all!!”

Essentially, they are ignoring the change in birth rates while taking the aging population into account.

Often, they will point to the “Compared to Projections” charts on Our World in Data (that show considerably less mortality than their “Compared to Average from 2014-2019) as their source for Mortality used in their ASMR models.

It turns out that those projections were actually made by some of those modelers.

This paper has a lot more detail.

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