Starlink vs Mobile Broadband – Rural

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I recently had Starlink installed, to replace my One NZ mobile broadband. There’s currently a special deal, ending 1 April, and if you use my referral link, you (and I) will get 1 month free after your first 30 days!

Total time from ordering/paying to receiving the dish and router was under a week, and I’m in the middle of nowhere.

Setup is cake. Just put Dishy down somewhere with a good (they say ‘at least 100 degrees of visibility, but clearer is better) view to the South, plug it in to the Wireless router, power it on and watch the magic happen. Or, use the App.

Dishy will move around for a while until it figures out where it is, and then align with the best satellite. It will be facing South, so don’t try to set it up on the North side of your house.

A minute or so later, you’re connected to the internet via Starlink.

The special deal is for the “deprioritised” version of the service, which promises “up to 100mb/s” transfer speed, with an unlimited data cap, for $79 per month. You can choose whether to buy or rent the dish, and can have a shiny new one or a refurbished one for hundreds of dollars less.

Check it out.

Speed-wise, it’s considerably faster than the mobile network, which taps out at 30mb/s, and there’s no limit to the amount you can download.

Best of all, it’s not reliant on any NZ Mobile carrier, so next time the entire network falls over, you’ll still be online (as long as you have power).

Starlink Speedtest
One NZ Mobile Broadband Speedtest
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