Liz Gunn’s MOAR 2 – The Whistleblower Data! Smoking Gun or Smoke and Mirrors?

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Back in late October, Liz Gunn released her first MOAR video – The Mother Of All Revelations.

You can find my thoughts on it, and the video itself at this link, but essentially, she said that a Whistleblower from Health NZ had approached her with conclusive evidence of Vaccine Harm.

The two very specific claims she made were:

1. The vaccine can be directly linked to tens of thousands of deaths

2. At one clinic, 30 people who were vaccinated on the same day at the same clinic at the same time went on to die “in close temporal proximity” to each other

I talk about my thoughts as to these two claims in the October article, and provide my graphs on NZ’s Excess Mortality there. I finish up with the words:

We really need to see evidence first.

Spidey –

So. Fast-forward to November 30, 2023 and Liz drops the follow-up video “The Irrefutable Data on New Zealand’s excess deaths from the Covid jabs” (bolded bits for emphasis by me), where she introduces the Whistleblower as “Winston Smith”, the person responsible for building the database to track all paid vaccinations and they talk about and look at some slides.

AND X GOES INTO MELTDOWN! So, to avoid the drama, I’ve deactivated until it calms TF down a bit, and put my thoughts here.

I want there to be evidence of vaccines causing Excess Mortality. It’s pretty obvious they are, to me, but we need that evidence.

Do we get it?

No data is provided, just some scary looking charts and tables.

The next day, Steve Kirsch, an American who co-invented the optical mouse, “analysed” this data and gave a presentation supporting the claims.

It’s available on his Substack:

He also released the data, with NHI numbers replaced with other numbers, on a platform called Wasabi. It did not last long.

What I saw:

In the small period of time between being aware it was there, and the Wasabi being terminated via the Injunction, I had a chance to look superficially at it.

Was it flawless and complete data (anonymised) that was the hard evidence that Liz and Steve claimed? Well.. It had issues.

  • Only around 33% of the total vaccinations administered are captured
  • It does not link to CARM. There is no “vaccine caused death” answer here.
  • “Death” in Steve’s calculations is “for any reason at any time up to two years after vaccination”. It’s the “Shot in Driveway = Covid Death” of the Vaccine Harm movement.
  • The “batch_id:” field returns multiple different types of vaccination for the same unique “batch ID”
  • There are entries with a date of death BEFORE the date of vaccination. That must have been fun for the pharmacist.
  • Over 75% of all the doses of Dose 1 and Dose 2 are missing
  • There are under 50% of NZ’s vaccinated individuals in this dataset

The reason for this is that, in New Zealand, vaccinations were provided in one of two ways:

  • Pay-per-Dose providers such as Pharmacies, GP clinics, end-of-life/elderly care facilities or
  • Bulk-funded providers that had target numbers

This data comes from the first group.

It also turns out that Steve/Barry/Liz focused on some End-of-Life facilities as their evidence of higher-than-normal “Vaccination Deaths” in these groups.

When I brought these things up to Steve, he kindly told me he was out of my league, and that I was a nobody.

It’s just that, I’d almost expect for “More Vaccine Deaths” in a group of people in a facility, if “Vaccine Deaths” are defined like Steve did, “for any reason whatsoever, no need for a link to vaccine injury or anything, within 2 years after being vaccinated”, and the facility is a group of people who have gone there to die. I’d almost say I’d DEFINITELY expect that group to die within 2 years more than any randomly chosen group.

But, what would I know? Maybe Steve is correct, and terminally-ill people well in advance of the average age of death shouldn’t automatically be expected to die within 2 years more than other groups. I’m a nobody.

What people far smarter than me saw as the Limitations to this data:

People FAR smarter than me (based outside New Zealand) were able to analyse the data even more thoroughly.

Have a look at Igor’s analysis of the Whistleblower Data on his Substack, there’s some really good detail as to the gaping holes in the data.

One of the people to receive the ORIGINAL data, James Freeman, has an article on his Substack:

It’s incomplete. It references a Vaccine Death as “any death for any reason after a vaccination, for up to two years”. It doesn’t link to CARM.

Sadly, it is NOT the smoking gun Liz promised us.

Sadly, MoH is COMPLETELY correct to say it is not evidence of Vaccine causing Excess Mortality.

Then, on the 3rd, Steve and Liz calmly advised us that Barry was being arrested.

He faces one charge of dishonestly accessing Te Whatu Ora databases. The charge carries a maximum penalty of seven years jail.

Barry has since been before a judge and been granted bail but will be held until 1PM tomorrow, December 5.

Other Reading on this topic:

I see a lot of people are saying Barry will have protection under the Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Bill, but that appears to be not the case. Have a read of what it defines an “appropriate authority” as. Was Liz Gunn any of those? She did convince Barry that she WOULD be an MP. If that had happened, she would have met the criteria for sure.

But NOT getting the 2 million votes she thought she would, is she any of those listed things?

Voices For Freedom have a good inside view on the WHOLE THING here:

In Conclusion: Vaccine not effective. Probably not safe, there is high excess mortality since the vaccine rollout, but there is yet to be evidence provided to prove correlation.

This was only the PAID Vaccinations, there were over EIGHT MILLION DOSES that were done outside this data.

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