Who is on the Benefit in NZ? NZ Benefit Stats By Ethnic Group / Region – raw numbers and per-capita

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With the popularity of my other per-capita charts (Vaccination Status for Covid, and Ethnic Group for Crime), I thought it would be interesting to see if any other metrics in NZ are measured by Ethnic Group.

It turns out that figure.nz has Main Benefit recipient stats for the nation, and each region by Ethnic Group.

They have MELAA in theirs, like with Crime. The last (2018!) census did not have a MELAA category, so we can’t do the per-capita Calculations. On the Figure.nz tables in each section below, you can see MELAA/Unknown/Other. They are combined into the purple Other bar on the Raw charts.


All Main Benefits include Jobseeker Support (JS)Sole Parent Support (SPS)Supported Living Payment (SLP), and other main benefits.
Ethnic group: Ethnic group data is self-identified and multiple ethnic groups may be chosen by an individual as fits their preference or self-concept. Multiple selected groups are then prioritised into a hierarchy. The Māori ethnic group has the highest priority in this hierarchy, followed by Pacific peoples. NZ European has the lowest priority.
Continuous duration: The length of time the client has continuously been receiving any main benefit.
Other main benefits: includes the remaining benefit categories such as Emergency Benefit and working-age Youth Payment/Young Parent Payment (YP/YPP).

Beneficiaries in New Zealand

Beneficiaries in Northland

Beneficiaries in Auckland

Beneficiaries in Waikato

Beneficiaries in Wellington

Beneficiaries in Canterbury Region

Beneficiaries in West Coast Region

Beneficiaries in Tasman Region

Beneficiaries in Hawke’s Bay

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