What was the “trans tipping point” in New Zealand?

The Spinoff posted an article relating to the “Trans Tipping Point”.

I would posit a different theory as to what was the “trans tipping point” for New Zealanders: The rioting TRA group that successfully terrorised a group of women who had gathered to (ironically) talk about Letting Women Speak.

One lied about his identity to infiltrate the rotunda and assault the guest speaker.

Shaneel Lal, seen here at the protest that he organised to prevent women speaking

They used intimidation, excessive noise, and violence to prevent others from exercising their right to free speech. An elderly woman had her face bashed in.

Many of the Trans team supported this assault, including Shaneel Lal and Max Tweedie.

For me, THAT was the tipping point. They showed their true faces.

Shaneel Lal lies about the events of the assault

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