westie’s current accounts – one of NZ Twitter’s biggest losers

Last year, around about the time of Camp Freedom at the Beehive in Wellington, an obnoxious Twitter account appeared. It would impersonate other accounts down to the avatar and profile banner and display name.

The username always had a slight change.

This user was “westie”. From Te Atatu/Eden Terrace, he has a grudge against anyone with intelligence, and any male with functioning genitalia.

Edit 18 June. Back to Twitter. Seems the loser has been positively identified.

Edit 6 June: I’ve quit Twitter. Look who wants to take my place. Unfortunately he won’t be very effective, being retarded.

Here is the Twitter Impersonation Report link: https://help.twitter.com/en/forms/authenticity/impersonation

He is currently impersonating @NzFubar and myself, and probably others.

Here are a few of his accounts. Many will be inactive, as he changes the name as they are discovered.

17 May:

12 May:

26 April:

25 April:

24 April:

22 April:


Dame Jane:

21 April:


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot_2023-04-22-06-59-03-256-edit_com.android.chrome-827x1024.jpg


He has changed this one sligntly

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