VIDEO: We Came Here for Freedom | Part 1

The video below is a view of Camp Freedom/Convoy NZ 2022 from the people inside the Camp, rather than the view the media and politicians want you to remember.

We Came Here for Freedom is the story of the New Zealand Freedom Convoy of February 2022. It is a story the government and the media of the nation have tried to suppress, because it is the story from within the Freedom Convoy and the Freedom Village. It is the story of thousands of New Zealanders who had lost jobs, homes, businesses, livelihoods and health because of draconian medical measures. It is the story of New Zealanders exercising their democratic right to have a voice. Please visit to support this film and Freedom of Speech in New Zealand.

Please take the time to watch it.

Or, you could believe the lies and propaganda that the media and government want you to believe:

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