Tomato Boy – A Retrospective on a Rotten Fruit

A collection of Tweets from @ElianaRubashkyn, who lied to get into the Rotunda at the Let Women Speak event at Albert Park, Auckland NZ on March 25, 2023, then assaulted the guest speaker with Tomato Juice.

Update 6 May 2023: Eli and Shaneel, along with the lying racist Greens MP Marama Davidson (the “prevention violence minister” who told us she knows who causes violence in the world, and it’s cis white males) are apparently the most hated people in New Zealand.

As per my other thread, people don’t hate you because you are trans/a woman/Maori, they hate your actions and words and racism and misogyny.

Eli has a cry as he pretends to understand that actions have consequences

March 23, 2 days before the attack

March 25 – Day of Attack

March 25, after the attack on Posie Parker
Tomato Boy celebrates as Police stand around
Green Member of Parliament in support
Another Green MP in support, with multiple Green MPs in the photo

In the days following the attack, Eli reveled in his fame as Tomato Boy, slayer of TERFs.

He claimed to have left NZ due to death threats.

And posted a photo including a tomato with a swastika on it:

The infamous Nazi Tomato
Oh look. It’s more Green MPs supporting Tomato Boy
What a pity he didn’t go back to Colombia in 2022

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