Those who don’t believe that all Excess Mortality is Covid-related are “Clinging to total lunacy” – ACT Leader’s EA

I was forwarded an email from somebody who was concerned about David Seymour’s comments about “96% Vaccination coverage in New Zealand”, and “New Zealand had negative Excess Mortality during Covid.” (paraphrased).

In the email trail from Rachel Beauchamp, the Executive Assistant to the ACT leader, there’s this delightful exchange where she provides links to the OWiD charts for Excess Mortality based on PROJECTED deaths during Covid.

Remember Hendy? Remember TENS OF THOUSANDS WILL DIE!!!!! ? Yeah, those projections.


She links to those as evidence that the almost 9,000 extra dead people were actually Negative Mortality.

Lots and lots of Excess Mortality in 2021 – Not a lot of Covid Mortality

She also says “90% of people were vaccinated by December 2021”. Let’s check that using Wayback Machine.

Now, I’m no expert, but if we take the population at the time, as per StatsNZ – 5,116,500, and figure out the percentage of people who have had 2 or more doses, and it’s LESS than 90%, somebody’s lying.

Is 77% of the population greater or smaller than “ninety percent of people”?

Then, she finishes with:

“Now, presented with this evidence, you’d either say ‘hmm it looks like the vaccine didn’t kill people, COVID did, I was wrong,’ or you’d keep clinging to total lunacy. Up to you I guess.”

Rachel Beauchamp – Executive Assistant to David Seymour

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