The Granny Basher got Diversion, or did He? (Update: he did not!)

Update 5 July 2023: Police have confirmed that the Diversion offer has been withdrawn. Granny Basher’s next court appearance is 10 August at 10.45 for a Case Review hearing.

The Granny Basher from the Riot at Albert Park featuring Shaneel Lal and Eli Tomato Boy RuBASHKYN, the one who bashed the granny repeatedly, received Diversion.

This is offered by the Police Prosecutor, usually for less-serious offending, first-time offenders, in return for a guilty plea and some conditions.

Evidently the Diversion was offered and accepted. Granny Basher was not happy with the conditions, and Granny was not happy that it was granted.

It’s possible that the Diversion has since been rescinded:

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