The Fifth Wave of Covid in NZ – Hospitalisations for Covid-19 – Weeks 1-12 by Vaccination Status

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The “Fifth Wave” of Covid in New Zealand began “officially” on 13 November, 2023. We are in Week 13 now. with the data for Weeks 1-12 available, except technically Week 8 and 9, as they came together because Week 8’s reporting Monday was a New Year’s Public Holiday.

While the weekly Hospital data is a little inaccurate due to the Health people seemingly updating it irregularly..

The data shows that those who have taken zero doses of the Covid-19 Vaccine in New Zealand are admitted to hospital for Covid at the lowest of all rates.

The next are the 2-dose (“Fully-Vaccinated”), then 1-dose cohort, then, with the most by far, well outstripping their size of the population, the Boosted come out on top.

Per-100,000 people, the Boosted cohort reported a positive case of Covid-19 around 3.09x that of the Unvaccinated cohort.

As a raw number of hospital beds taken up, the Boosted occupied Health resources with 4,115 admissions to the Unvaccinated’s 457.

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