The Fifth Wave of Covid in NZ – Deaths “with” Covid-19 – Weeks 1-12 by Vaccination Status

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The “Fifth Wave” of Covid in New Zealand began “officially” on 13 November, 2023. We are in Week 13 now. with the data for Weeks 1-12 available, except technically Week 8 and 9, as they came together because Week 8’s reporting Monday was a New Year’s Public Holiday.

The data shows that those who have taken two doses of the Covid-19 Vaccine in New Zealand died within 28 days of a positive test for Covid at the lowest of all rates, and in total, by one death.

The next are the Not Fully Vaccinated cohort, then, with the most by far, well outstripping their size of the population, the Boosted come out on top.

Per-100,000 people, the Boosted cohort died within 28 days of a positive case of Covid-19 around 5.39x that of the Not Fully Vaccinated cohort. 388 people to 29 people.

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