Te Whatu Ora OIA – Updated Infant Mortality Data Requested – TWO Refused (among many other things)

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One of the SCA OIA team called me late last night, muttering various profanities as I picked up.

It appears that an OIA sent to Te Whatu Ora in order to clarify the doubling of dead 0-4s in 2022 that was confirmed in a subsequent OIA, by asking for the numbers from 2021-2024, and splitting the 0-4 age group into pre-term and post-term deaths, was declined.

The response, delivered more than 20 days after the confirmation of the request, was less than enlightening. In fact, it was the opposite: Obscuring.

Essentially: “This is too much work and will take away from us carrying out our core work properly.” I did have to laugh at that. They cant even manage to put the correct Update date on the stats page. Which they helpfully mention might be a good page to visit.

Like they are trying to hide something. Is it “Hundreds and hundreds of women, who were encouraged to be vaccinated against a disease only truly risky for the very elderly, lost their babies later”. We had TWICE AS MANY dead 0-4s in 2022 as the average for the previous twenty years.

On average since 2000, NZ has 339 deaths in the 0-4 year old demographic.

In 2022, there were either SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHT 0-4 year old deaths, or SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO 0-4 year old deaths!

Yes, those numbers don’t match, but the second OIA confirmed they are correct. Yes, they contradict what StatsNZ is saying. Almost feels like somebody’s hiding something, doesn’t it?

He has added this to the list of Complaints to the Ombudsman.

Full OIA response with his details redacted:

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