Some more New Zealand Excess Mortality Graphs – Excess Mortality v Covid Deaths

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*UPDATE* See these charts plus Vaccine Rollout:

The OECD Mortality database can give Raw Mortality (how many people died), Excess Mortality (how many people died compared to the average over the last 5 years), and now Covid Mortality.

I have plotted the (raw, not percentage) Excess Mortality for each week and added in the Covid Deaths so we can compare them.

2020 – The Beginning

In 2020, we actually saw net Negative Excess Mortality, for about -158 off the Average over the past 5 years.

2021 – The “Vaccine”ing

2021 did not see Negative Excess Mortality. It saw strong Positive Excess Mortality – 2,169 more people died than the average over the preceding 5 years. A total of 26 (Twenty Six) Covid cases were reported to OECD.

2022 – Why, God? WHY?

In 2022, Covid Deaths took off. From week 8 to week 30 of 2022, NZ reported an average of 88 Covid deaths a week, a total of 2,042. The total Excess Mortality compared to the 5 preceding years was 5,697. Essentially, Covid made up for under 34% of our Excess Mortality in 2022.

What killed all those other people?

2023 – Yeah, not looking great

So far in 2023 (the database only goes up to mid-March), we have had 1,116 more people die than the average over the 5 preceding years (and 2 of those years are 2021 and 2022!) and only 229 Covid cases, 20.5% of the total.

What’s killing all those extra people? Could it be related to that Vaccine rollout curve?

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