Shaneel Lal writes letter to Immigration Minister

As mentioned in the MidJourney post, Shaneel Lal has written to Michael Wood, essentially laying the blame at his feet for the events that occurred after Posie Parker was let into the country. He also claims that there are threats against himself and the trans community.

As pointed out by a keen-eyed person on Twitter, Lal appears to be afraid that he will suffer the consequences of what his mob wanted to do on Saturday 25 March 2023, at the Let Women Speak event at Albert Park, Auckland.

In fact, one of his supporters managed to do just this to an elderly woman. Lal is yet to express any concern for the woman’s well-being, despite reports she has a fractured skull. There is a fundraiser set up for her medical expenses.

I’m almost certain Shaneel will provide some good content for this thread.

To be continued.

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