Shaneel Lal – The Trannifesto

The below is a large collection of comments and bile from Shaneel Lal on Twitter, before he was able to scrub them.

There were so many, that I had to create additional Trannifestos.

Trannifesto Two

Trannifesto Three

Shaneel Lal, on how he doesn’t care that he is wrecking the reputation of the NZOTY Awards

**edit: for more Trannifesto, click here.

Lal being crowned the Kiwibank/University of Canterbury Young New Zealander of the year so soon after whipping up a group of people into near-riot conditions that resulted in multiple assaults on women by members of the Transgender community, seemed at odds with the whole idea of the award.

Lal and Chris Hipkins – NZ Prime Minister

So people went looking for examples of why he really shouldn’t have received it (aside from the aforementioned riot).

This one had been floating around for a while (he has since deleted it), and was shown to Kiwibank many times in the last few months. Still they gave him the award.

Here’s an oddly prophetic one:


Here’s a few more, looks as though the Trannifesto started in earnest, August 2021:


Then in February 2023, he mentions that there is a war against “White cis-het men” due to trans people existing. One month later, he led 2000 crazed Trans and their Allies against 20 women.



Shaneel Lal – Twitter Quotes

And some more:


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