Shaneel Lal Claims “84% of New Zealanders feel Trans People Should be Protected from Discrimination” but only 1000 were asked

With his calls to various brands to have “TERFs” blackballed from Threads, Shane Lol now claims that 84% of New Zealanders believe that transgender people should be protected from discrimination.

While I agree, nobody should face discrimination, this doesn’t mean that they get to impose on the rights of others. And, it’s a bit of a stretch.

As usual with Shaneel (like when he claimed people boycotted Kiwibank for giving him the Young New Zealander of the Year award “because I’m trans”, when it was actually because he’s a horrible person), this is a lie.

The study that he references is the LGBT+ Pride 2023 survey from IPSOS.

It surveyed 1000 people, and was opt-in (so, it was a survey of people who were on a site that is devoted to LGBT+, and who wanted to complete the survey), so there’s no way it can be used to say what Lal is saying.

“84% of the 1,000 people who completed the LGBT+ Pride 2023 survey from IPSOS” might believe that.

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