Sea Shepherd / Greenpeace NZ – Afraid of Equal Treatment?

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With all the extreme left groups whipping up a fear-based lie about what impact ACTs Treaty Principles Bill will bring, it probably shouldn’t have surprised me when Greenpeace waded into the fray with a lie of their own – that it “Seeks to undermine Te Tiriti.

You can read the details here – or listen to Greenpeace.

I replied to that second post, asking for clarity around how it sought to undermine Te Tiriti.

I received a response from Sea Shepherd, the Charitable organisation that helps protect marine life around NZ.

It was not exactly an answer, really. More just calling me racist for asking.

Which is essentially their playbook. They have no answer to back up their lies. They just call you racist.

Won’t be making any more donations towards a group that is in favour of racially-based rights. I prefer equality.

It would appear I’m not the only one.

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