Plunket asked the People – Should Shaneel Lal be Poster Boy for Anti-Bullying

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It was brought to light yesterday that Shaneel Lal is an ambassador for Pink Shirt Day NZ 2023, “Standing Up” to Bullying.

Sean Plunket posted a poll to Twitter, asking “Should @shaneellall be the poster boy for the @mentalhealthnz ‘s anti bullying campaign @pinkshirtday ?”

And the people, overwhelmingly, said no.

Was this because of The Trannifesto? His Inciting a violent protest against women speaking?

Will it make a lick of difference? After all, KiwiBank was told about his racist, homophobic, misogynistic behaviour, and he still received the Kiwibank Young New Zealander of the Year Award for 2023.

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