OPINION: Pink Shirt Day Chooses Cyber-Bully Lal to Promote Anti-Bullying

As per the Mental Health NZ YouTube page, where a number of people are depicted “standing up” against bullying for Pink Shirt Day NZ, a familiar face can be seen.

It’s the face of the racist, abusive, homophobic bully, Shaneel Lal, who only a month or so earlier was leading a mob of violent, angry people to protest some women speaking in Albert Park. That near-riot left an eldery woman with a fractured skull and others assaulted.

A selection of his work can be seen at The Trannifesto, but here are a couple of examples why I feel he makes a shitty ambassador for anti-bullying.

Shaneel Lal celebrates silencing women

Shaneel Lal calls a woman a stupid bitch
It’s okay to bully people if they happen to believe a woman can’t have a penis

And the classic:

Is racism bullying?

Update: it took less than an hour for @PinkShirtDayNZ to block me.

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Links to Media Grants NZ?

it would appear that the Pink Shirt Day website is hosted on the same IP address as a number of suicide websites.. and the Media Grants NZ site.


Some Reactions to this Choice

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