Paul Thistoll and Eli RuBASHkyn make Baseless Claims of “gun violence” against Videographer

Leading up to the Riot at Albert Park on Saturday March 25 2023, Shaneel Lal and Max Tweedie made many posts about how “TERFS” were threatening Trans people, and lied about a rubbish bin fire by saying it was a Hate Crime. This resulted in the large crowd of feral TRAs turning up and being violent.

Now, with Rubashkyn’s Court appearance coming up at Auckland District Court on September 20, and Posie Parker coming, Rubashkyn has posted a Tweet showing that he has complained to the NZ Police claiming Simon Anderson made “gun violence threats”

Simon , a videographer whose footage from Albert Park showed the world the true face of the TRA movement, intends to film the proceedings. It appears that Paul Thistoll and Eli Rubashkyn are prepared to slander him in order to try to stop that happening.

A search of Simon’s posts is easy to do. They don’t contain anything of the sort. He’s just not that kind of person – he has called for NO violence, many times.

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