NZ Deaths Within 28 Days of a Positive Covid Test – Boosted v Unboosted by Age Group – 28 May 2023

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Using the HSU Data Spreadsheet at the bottom of the MoH Vaccine Data Page, it is possible to determine the actual number of people who had received at least one Booster in every age group, along with the total Eligible Population for each group.

To adjust for the vastly different sizes of each group, we ask “for every 100,000 people in this group, how many died?”

A simple matter of determining the number of “With Covid” Deaths for each group, and dividing it by the number of people in the group. Then, multiply the result by 100,000 to get the rate of deaths.

Somewhat of a difference. (Boosted group is anyone who has had 1 or more Boosters, Unboosted group is 0, 1, and 2 dose.)

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