NZ Covid Stats Weekly Update: Case/Hospitalisation/Deaths by Vaccination Status: 25-31 July 2023

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Vaccine Cohort data is as per update on 21 July 2023 (as the per-100k graphs are based on the CURRENT Vaccination Cohort numbers, the Overall graphs will not be precise. The “New This Week” graphs are as accurate as they can possibly be). :


Overall Cases since First Recorded Case

For the No Dose group, the first case is from March 2020. 40+ months.

For the Boosted Group, the first case is from December 2021. 20+ months.

New Cases This Week

This week, over 8x the rate of infection for the Boosted compared to the 0-dose (8.48x).


Overall Hospitalisations

As with cases, the 0 dose cohort has taken over 3 years to make this number. Boosted, 20+ months.

New Hospitalisations This Week

The boosted cohort with its 74 hospitalisations to the 0-dose’s 1 was hospitalised per-100k people at a rate 37.27x that of the Unvaccinated cohort.


Overall Deaths With Covid within 28 days of death

First reported NFV death – March 2020.

First reported Boosted death – March 2022

The distribution of the overall “with Covid” deaths by age and vaccination status:

Unvaccinated: (558) 100x 0-59, 61x 60s, 114x 70s, 162x 80s, 124x 90s

Fully Vaccinated: (630) 124x 0-59, 92x 60s, 126x 70s, 177x 80s, 114x 90s

Boosted: (3432) 177x 0-59, 257x 60s, 707x 70s, 1315x 80s, 976x 90+

New Deaths With Covid within 28 days this week

The distribution of the week’s deaths by age and vaccination status:

Unvaccinated/Partially Vaccinated: (3) 1x 70s, 2x 80s

Fully Vaccinated: (3) 1x <60s, 4x 90s

Boosted: (11) -1x 60s (reassigned by MoH/HNZ), 3x 70s, 5x 80s, 4x 90+

Vaccination Group Charts

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