NZ Covid Stats Weekly Update: Case/Hospitalisation/Deaths by Vaccination Status: 12 – 18 September 2023

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In the last week, the Boosted cohort was 17.47x more infected, 2.68x more hospitalised, and 2.82x more dying with Covid than the Unvaccinated.

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Vaccine Cohort Data

Vaccine Cohort data is as per update on 1 September 2023 (as the per-100k graphs are based on the CURRENT Vaccination Cohort numbers, the Overall graphs will not be precise. The “New This Week” graphs are as accurate as they can possibly be).


Overall Cases since First Recorded Case

For the No Dose group, the first case is from March 2020. 40+ months.

For the Boosted Group, the first case is from December 2021. 20+ months.

New Cases This Week

This week, over 13x the rate of infection for the Boosted compared to the 0-dose (13.61x).


Overall Hospitalisations

As with cases, the 0 dose cohort has taken over 3 years to make this number. Boosted, 20+ months.

New Hospitalisations This Week

This week, 9 unvaccinated hospitalisations were removed, for some reason.


Overall Deaths With Covid within 28 days of death

First reported NFV death – March 2020.

First reported Boosted death – March 2022

The distribution of the overall “with Covid” deaths by age and vaccination status:

Not Fully Vaccinated: (573) 103x 0-59, 64x 60s, 116x 70s, 164x 80s, 125x 90s

Fully Vaccinated: (645) 128x 0-59, 93x 60s, 130x 70s, 177x 80s, 115x 90s

Boosted: (3586) 184x 0-59, 273x 60s, 739x 70s, 1366x 80s, 998x 90+

New Deaths With Covid within 28 days this week

The distribution of the week’s deaths by age and vaccination status:

Unvaccinated/Partially Vaccinated: (1) 1x 80s

Fully Vaccinated: (2) 1x 80s, 1x 90+

Boosted: (26) 3x 60s, 7x 70s, 10x 80s, 6x 90+

Vaccination Group Charts

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