NZ Covid Stats Weekly Update: Case/Hospital & ICU Admissions/Deaths by Vaccination Status: 13 – 19 February 2024

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I’m no longer calling it the Fifth Wave. It is still drowning the Boosted more than the others, though.

This week’s update is for the week of Tuesday 13 – Monday 19 February 2024.


  • The Boosted Cohort has now recorded over 1.5 million cases since December 2021. The Unvaccinated cohort is yet to reach 100,000 in just shy of 4 years.
  • Case/Hospital/ICU Raw Total charts now include the previously omitted Under 12 Years figures. As the vaccination status of anyone who is under 12 is suppressed, I had never included them in Vaccination Status raw total data.
  • Case/Hospital/ICU per-100,000 charts now have the under 12 population REMOVED entirely. Total population drops by 645k, and all paediatric doses are removed from the 1 and 2 dose cohorts. This results in a reduction of 158k 2-dose, and 113k 1-dose. 0-dose drops by 372k. See the new Pie Chart for detailed cohort numbers.
  • Deaths Charts do not change. Under 12s were always included here.
  • New Boosted deaths were only 1.53x the per-capita rate of the Not Fully Vaccinated (0/1 dose) cohort , the lowest I have ever seen it.


Overall Cases since First Recorded Case

For the No Dose group, the first case is from March 2020.

For the Boosted Group, the first case is from December 2021.

New Cases Reported This Week

The Boosted cohort reported positive for Covid at a rate per-100,000 people 5.7x that of the Unvaccinated.


Overall Hospitalisations

As with cases, the 0 dose cohort has taken almost 4 years to make this number. Boosted, around two.

Up to date hospital occupancy figures are reported each day in the Ministry’s COVID-19 media statements. On July 7 2022, the Ministry started switched to reporting only COVID-19 related hospitalisations. Data from the previous 90 days is preliminary and incomplete. Data from the National Minimum Dataset is used as it becomes available. Hospitalisation data reporting is high asynchronous and updates are generally unrelated to current hospitalisations. For a weekly time series see the Ministry’s COVID-19 Data GitHub repository.

Case Demographics Note on Hospital numbers

New Hospitalisations for Covid This Week


New ICU Admissions This Week


Overall Deaths With Covid within 28 days of death

First reported NFV death – March 2020.

First reported Boosted death – March 2022. 3 months post-Booster rollout.

The distribution of the overall “with Covid” deaths by age and vaccination status:

Not Fully Vaccinated: (624) 112x 0-59, 66x 60s, 128x 70s, 185x 80s, 133x 90s

Fully Vaccinated: (689) 138x 0-59, 95x 60s, 144x 70s, 190x 80s, 122x 90s

Boosted: (4,220) 216x 0-59, 329x 60s, 884x 70s, 1627x 80s, 1164x 90+

New Deaths With Covid within 28 days this week

23 Boosted deaths. 2 Fully Vaccinated, 0 Not Fully Vaccinated.

The distribution of the week’s deaths by age and vaccination status:

Unvaccinated/Partially Vaccinated: (3) 2x 80s, 1x 90+

Fully Vaccinated: (0)

Boosted: (20) 1x 60s, 3x 70s, 11x 80s, 5x 90+

Vaccination Group Charts


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