NZ Covid Stats – Month of October 2023 – Cases / Hospital Admissions / Deaths – total and per-capita

October 2023 NZ Covid Snapshot – Raw Numbers
October 2023 NZ Covid Snapshot – per-capita Values


  • Cases: Boosted tested positive at a per-capita rate 15.6x that of the Unvaccinated
  • Hospital Admissions for Covid: Boosted were admitted to hospital for Covid at a per-capita rate 7.61x that of the Unvaccinated. The Boosted also took up 207 hospital beds, compared to the Unvaccinated’s 14.
  • Deaths with Covid: The Boosted died with Covid at a per-capita rate 2.85 times that of the Not Fully Vaccinated (0/1-dose) cohort.

Cases – Positive Tests for Covid

Hospital Admissions for Covid

Deaths with Covid within 28 Days of Death

Vaccination Cohorts

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