Murder/Attempted Murder/Manslaughter etc in New Zealand – by Ethnic Group of Offender – 2014-2023

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In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups.

Spurred on by Marama Davidson’s “I know who is responsible for the violence in the world, and it’s cis white men” claim, I’ve done several looks at the Police Data for Crime in New Zealand by Ethnicity, now it’s time to look at the next step in the chain – Justice.

Maybe this is where that claim is correct.

The MoJ provides data on a number of different categories. I chose to start with the most serious – Murder/Manslaughter etc.

I’m using the population numbers (Census-based) from NZ.Stat to calculate the per-100,000 values.


Attempted Murder


Driving Causing Death

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