MidJourney – Shane Lol

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There’s an “Open letter to the Immigration Minister” penned by Shaneel Lal in today’s Herald in which he blames the fact that Posie Parker was allowed into the country to speak about Let Women Speak for the violent riot that erupted at Albert Park, and the current wave of “anti-trans sentiment”.

What amused me was this quote:

People have been editing photos of me into monsters and blood-sucking insects and comparing me to Hitler.


*edit 01/05/2023* They also apparently appeared on an interview: “Tonight, on Te Ao with Moana: A misogynistic bully speaks about his struggles.”

While I’m fairly certain I never mentioned Hitler, and I can’t really take credit for the editing (because MidJourney did that bit), I think these might be some of the “monsters” and “blood-sucking insects” to which he refers:

A mantis does not suck blood.
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