Massive Covid Hospital/ICU Spike Confirmed to be Te Whatu Ora Data Error

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After spending some many hours looking at the massive spike in ICU and Hospital cases, I asked Ministry of Health, who pointed me to Te Whatu Ora.

TWO’s explanation was that, due to a change (at an unspecified time) to the way diagnoses were entered, these records were not entered until last week’s update to the stats.

I wonder why they didn’t put a banner up on the Case Demographics page.

I wonder when those 88 ICU and 2,057 hospitalisations actually happened. They’re about 4 months’ average, but maybe they happened more recently, and more closely together? How would that have looked at Election time, with the lies about “20,000 lives saved” being floated around?

Who wants to OIA the crap out of this?

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