Maori Party Leaders Kicked from House – Did they Lie to the Speaker?

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The two clowns in charge of the Maori Party, Rawiri Waititi. and Debbie Ngawera-Packer, tried to “welcome Meka Whaitiri” to their party by Packer calling doe a point of order, before Whaitiri and Waititi then entered, whereupon a waiata (song) started up.

The Speaker of the House stood, and the sound stopped.

Evidently, somebody (was it Waititi/Packer?) told The Speaker that this Welcome had been agreed to by all parties. When “all parties” were asked, the answer was not a unanimous Yes, as the Speaker had been led to believe. Some “parties” had not agreed. Somebody lied.

These clowns talk about how important “tikanga” (customary protocol type mumbo-jumbo) is, but blatantly ignore the rules of Parliament when and as it suits them.

… well, I suppose at least they turned up to work for a change.

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