Jacinda Ardern: The Virus is Literally Finding Unvaccinated People

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As reported in Newshub on October 3. 2021, Jacinda Ardern said “That is because the vaccine works, but it’s also because the virus is literally finding unvaccinated people.”

A few days later, the Unvaccinated made up 5,123,000 – 3,463,004, 1,659,996 people or 32.40% of the population.

1-dose were 3,463,004 – 2,439,100. 1,023,994 people or 19.9% of the population.

Fully Vaccinated were 2,439,100 people or 47.61% of the population.

How it started..

How it’s going.

Of course, a couple of years later.. it doesn’t seem to be finding those pesky Unvaccinated like it does the other groups.

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