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Following on from the “Social Media Exodus Because It is a Cesspo”, and given that this means I lose a considerable amount of sharing power:

1. Sign Up For Notifications of New Stuff!

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2. Share Articles that Interest You!

The entire purpose of this site is to provide people with a look at the stats that we get, and the bullshit that we are fed, from another perspective

If you see an article that interests you, please Share it using one of the buttons, or just copy the link and paste it to your Social Media.

3. Buy some Merch (and share the link)!

I have a number of my MidJourney designs available in the Store as Tees and Hoodies and other clothing and merchandise items.

The commission I receive from these sales goes back into “keeping the lights on” here on

This is one that was added today, as a response to the guy asking his followers if anyone knows who I am.

(It’s French. For “I Am Spider Cat.”)

5. Buy a Custom Profile Picture/Avatar

MidJourney can create some incredible images, guaranteed to be unique.

I offer a service where, using words/images from you, I get the AI to make you a custom picture.

6. Donate Directly

Not my preferred option, as I don’t get to provide a service in return, but it is an option.

Support Spider Cat

Thank you for whatever support you give, financial or otherwise. It’s all appreciated.

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