GroupM and the New Zealand legacy media

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I’m writing this for the hell of it and because Spidey asked me to.

I’m no blogger, journalist or media employee so I’m not going to write a story that repeats what’s in the attached article. YOU read it!

Like you I’m just your average Kiwi who is sick of the lies and deception that prevail across nearly all legacy media outlets worldwide today. Read the attached story to see how our New Zealand legacy media, including TVNZ & RNZ, have been captured by the WEF through GroupM.

We all know the legacy media in NZ is financially broken and going bust and this is how they are propped up now that the PIJF is gone. Why do they continue to oppose the new govt and continue their rabid woke left wing stance on everything?

Because if they don’t then they don’t get the advertising revenue that keeps them afloat.

GroupM sets the narrative, and is no different than the PIJF in that respect, and the media either sticks to the narrative that is set by GroupM and their ‘Back to News’ initiative or they don’t get the advertising and its corresponding revenue.

Just look who backs GroupM.

“Back to News is underpinned by Internews’ Ads for News initiative, which was founded in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, and the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA). Ads for News helps brands and agencies reach engaged news audiences on more than 12,000 trusted local news websites from more than 50 countries”.

If you bother to do a bit of digging on the names of those involved you’ll soon get the picture.

It works a bit like this.

  1. Woke media company publishes news that fits the woke Internews narrative.
  2. Woke company owned by woke billionaire (with ties to WEF) wants to advertise and contacts Internews.
  3. Internews puts woke company in touch with woke media outlet (vetted by Internews).
  4. Woke media outlet advertises and gets paid by woke company.

Who wins? THE WEF.

Please read the story in the link and do some digging yourself. You don’t have to go deep to find the dirt.

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