Far North Flooding – 9 May 2023

There’s a little bit of Tawhirimatea and the other Atua doing their thing (look, don’t ask me, it’s a scientific term from the boffins at @MetService) at the moment in NZ, and the Far North is getting a right dicking.

Update: https://www.fndc.govt.nz/Whats-new/Latest-news/Weather-event-9-May

RoadRoad statusRoad damage
Bell Road, KaitāiaRoad ClosedSurface Flooding
Clough Road, KaitāiaRoad ClosedSurface Flooding
Diggers Valley Road, KaitāiaRoad ClosedSurface Flooding
Duncan road, KaingaroaOne LaneOver Slip
Fairburn road, FairburnRoad ClosedOver Slip
Fern Flat Road, PeriaRoad ClosedOver Slip
Hive Road, OueRoad ClosedFlooding
Hooks and Hall Road, ŌmāpereRoad ClosedFlooding
Horeke Road, HorekeRoad ClosedFlooding
Inland Road, WhatuwhiwhiClosed (Can use Inland By Pass Road)Surface Flooding
Iwitaua Road, MangamukaRoad ClosedSurface Flooding
Kaitāia-Awaroa Road, KaitāiaPassable-4WdSurface Flooding
Lake Road, KaitāiaRoad open – drive with cautionFlooding
Mangatoetoe Road, KaitāiaRoad closedSurface Flooding
Maromaku-towai Road, MaromakuRoad closedFlooding
Matawherohia Road, KaeoPassable-caution requiredUnderslip
Mill Road, OtakiRoad closedFlooding
Miro Place, KaitāiaPassable-4wdSurface Flooding
Ngawhitu Road, MoerewaRoad closedSLIPS
Old Church Road, WhangaroaPassable-caution requiredUnderslip
Omanaia Road, OueRoad closedFlooding
Orrs Road, KaikoheRoad open – drive with cautionFlooding
Oruru Road, PeriaRoad closedSurface Flooding
Otaua Road, TahekeRoad closedFlooding
Otiria Road, MoerewaRoad open – drive with cautionFlooding
Pakanae Cemetery Road, OpononiRoad ClosedFlooding
Pekerau Road, Lake OhiaRoad ClosedSurface Flooding
Peria Road, PeriaRoad ClosedSurface Flooding
Peria Valley Road, PeriaRoad ClosedSurface Flooding
Pipiwai Road, PipiwaiRoad ClosedSlips
Plunkett RoadRoad Open – Drive With CautionFlooding
Pokapu Road, MoerewaRoad ClosedFlooding
Rauroa Road, KaitāiaOne LaneOver Slip
Remuera Settlement Road, OhaewaiRoad ClosedFlooding
Renwick Road, OtauaRoad ClosedFlooding
Smith Road, HerekinoPassable-Caution RequiredUnderslip
Taumata Road, TaipaRoad ClosedSurface Flooding
Te Rore Road, KaitāiaOne LaneOver Slip
Waikuku Road, OkaihauRoad ClosedWashed out bridge approaches
Waimate North Road, KerikeriRoad ClosedFlooding
West Coast RoadOne LaneOver Slip
Whangape Road, HerekinoRoad ClosedSurface Flooding
Wireless Road, KaitāiaRoad ClosedSurface Flooding
Wiroa Road, KerikeriRoad Open – Drive With CautionFlooding
Zidich Road, KaingaroaPassable-4wd Caution RequiredRoad Washed Out

There was a horrific incident in Whangarei where a school group were caving in the flooded conditions, and required rescue. 16 people got out but one student remained unfound when SAR was stood down for the evening.

from StuffNZ

Kaitaia is cut off at Kaiangaroa, Taipa is cut off by that and Kaeo flooding, and Oruru Rd blocked by a slip before the dump.

For live updates on road closures etc: FNDC Weather Event Page

Fariburns (near Victoria Valley) is not doing well:

Oruru Rd blocked before the Dump, Taipa behind camera

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