Facebook is drenched in obviously fake AI images for Engagement and Scamming

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A week or two ago, these images started popping up on Facebook. They’re made with a free AI program, as the hands are often completely mangled.

Their format is always something like “I made this, please tell me you like it”, and an image of a person with a thing, that they are claiming to have made.

This could be simply for manufactured Engagement, making the Page more valuable to sell, but it also has a more malicious thing happening. Because the people who Comment on the post with “congratulations, you are so talented!!” are clearly more gullible than the average person, the scammers use this as a vector.

The scammer will reply to that person’s comment, saying how much they enjoy what that person posts, and claiming that they tried to send a message or Friend Request, but it failed. This is because they need their Target to send the message/request. This gives them access to see the Target’s profile in more detail.


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