Comparing @TeWhatuOra OIA on Infant Death Numbers with StatsNZ Figures

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With still no answer from TWO on the Dead Babies thing (to please provide the split for the 608 or 722 dead 0-4 year olds in 2022 by Infant and 1-4 that they refused), I decided to compare the figures provided by the OIA (and the second OIA confirming the first one was correct) and the figures in StatsNZ Infoshare.

I chose to use the Annual-Dec option as that has the most up-to date numbers.

New Zealand 0-4 Mortality by Year as per NZ Stats

Here is the Mortality as per NZ Stats since 2020. A total of 207 deaths in the 0-4 age group in 2022.

Here is the mortality as per the OIAs. The first OIA provided both of these numbers. When questioned to clarify them, a second OIA made no changes to them, only the 20-24 cohort was wrong.

So, let’s take a look at that last graph with those numbers plotted in.

New Zealand 0-4 Mortality as per NZ Stats with OIA Figures for 2022

Yeah. That’s a bit of a spike.

One would think Te Whatu Ora would want to explain this. But no, they refused.

The OIA (relevant pages are #3 and 4)

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