Comparing NZ’s “With Covid” Deaths – “Eligible Population” vs StatsNZ Population Estimate

We don’t often hear the phrase “eligible population” any more, but it still exists.

It’s the population as deemed “eligible” for the Covid Vaccine by MoH/HNZ. It excludes lots of people from its count, including anyone who hasn’t engaged with their Health Provider (GP etc) within a certain timeframe.

The HSU Spreadsheet is available here:

According to that spreadsheet, the “Eligible Population” of NZ is 4,970,149.

StatsNZ has a higher number, the FigureNZ data can be found here, and gives a total population of 5,124,100.

The most recent update is not reflected in the FigureNZ data. It would just make the Unvaccinated cohort larger still.

Both spreadsheets provide population breakdown by age group and the HSU one tells us the number of people who have had a Partial Vaccination, Completed Primary Course (Fully Vaccinated) and how many have had a Booster.

By adding in the difference between the HSU cohort and the StatsNZ one, we find the missing Unvaccinated people. It changes the per-100k graphs somewhat, as these rely on the Population of each cohort.

With the HSU data, the Unvaccinated cohort has significantly worse results.

Use the slider to move left and right to compare the two datasets, and wonder why MoH/HNZ choose the “Eligible Population” for their stats.

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