Cancel Culture in NZ – Wardini’s Refuses to Sell Cookbook that Raises Money for Cyclone Victims based on a single meme

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A very good person on the face of this planet is Jane.

Jane is from the Hawkes Bay, Jane is an amazing cook, and when Cyclone Gabrielle ripped through and people ended up living in sheds, Jane brought them together once a week for a feed.

A proper meal, multi-course, with an opportunity for the people whose lives had been upended to take a break from shoveling silt from their homes etc, to sit and talk. A real Community thing. It became known as The Dinner Club.

This was funded through donations, and now, Jane’s published a cookbook (that you can purchase HERE) from the recipes throughout the time of The Dinner Club. Profits go towards continuing TDC,

Today, the following comment was posted to the Wardinis Books in Havelock North’s Facebook Reel.

This quickly (within 3 hours) resulted in Wardini’s sending Jane the following, to tell her they would no longer sell the book (which as we established is for CHARITY yet they still took a seller’s fee for) due to the complaint.

The “spiders” reference has nothing to do with me (mine comes from one of the nicknames for Little Cato from Final Space), or Anti-Maori (which would be weird for me).

It’s a reference to a comment made by retiring Labour Maori Caucus MP Kelvin Davis.

He said his party would “continue to fight the Pākehā spiders” and so many people changed their Display Name on X to reference a spider in some way.

Were one to go to Jane’s profile, in addition to the single meme saying she loves spiders, one would see that being full of hate is the opposite of Jane.

Being full of hate is more “Hemi Browne””s forte. Hemi’s actually not a real person. Hemi’s a sockpuppet driven by a bitter, twisted, hate-filled individual.

She’ll be frothing at the support Jane has gotten.

The Leftards Unite To Shut Down The Dinner Club

Janet does have one fan, soyboy leftard troll extraordinare, Samuel Hudson.

This scummy Disinformation Project wannabe is posting slanderous lies on X, and possibly other places.

I do hope somebody reports this harassment to Netsafe, as it’s a criminal offense to cause Harm using Digital media.

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