Angry Bearded Wellington Man Who Yelled At Women – Identified!

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The other day, a group of women were distributing leaflets about Women’s Rights outside the Ministry for Women in Wellington.

(Allegedly) a local man took exception to this, and decided to scream abuse at the women. He was captured in the photo below in Dr Hamilton’s post on X:

I could probably remove that “allegedly” above, given he posted about doing it, on that day.

It did not take very long at all for the Internet Detectives to identify the angry man as James Mulrennan, a “Chief Adviser – Fibre” at the NZ Commerce Commission.

He has since Protected his account at X, but I really think that’s shutting the gate after the horse has bolted and the entire stables has burned to ash.

What’s next for our hero?

James Mulrennan’s profile at Commerce Commission
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