An Updated Look at Covid Deaths in NZ for the Under 60s

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Because the Covidians and Vaxxtards have all seized upon Age-Standardised Mortality Rates and are saying “Oh, the fact that all those Boosted are getting sick with, hospitalised for, and dying with the very disease the vaccine was meant to prevent doesn’t mean it’s not working!  They’re all old people!!”, I decided to take another look at the Under 60s.

Vaccination Cohorts as at 30.05.2023

As the MoH has removed the HSU spreadsheet with the exact figures from their site, this is the Cohort Split as of May 30, 2023:

NZ Deaths with Covid within 28 Days in the under-60s

Deaths With Covid as of 18 December 2023

If we assume that ALL of the people who received a 2nd and 3rd dose were under 60, we get the following:

The cohort sizes to calculate the per-100k numbers are going to have to be a range, and assuming none of the 59 year olds aged up to 60:

Per-Capita Deaths With Covid – Cohorts based on same size as at 30 May 2023.

Per-capita Deaths with Covid – Cohort Maximum Change

Since 30 May, the resident population has increased by 67,400 – that goes onto the NFV. 
The 2-dose increased by 1,823, that is removed from NFV and added to Fully-Vaccinated.
The 3-dose increased by 11,463. That comes off Fully Vaccinated and is added to Boosted.